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@Unlis…agree a little bit because coming from Nikon :grin:
but what’s with my .orf Files :wink:

If you had a “history panel”, what would you expect it to do?

  1. allow you to find an adjustment, which you could then alter without wiping everything that follows?
  2. allow you to undo everything you’ve done after altering a certain adjustment?

The problem with the second option is it is all too easy to select a state in the list, change something, then realise you’ve just wiped out a whole bunch of other stuff that you now need to redo manually.

The first option would not do anything just by clicking on a state, but could provide functionality like:

  • Warning! Editing this state will also undo all subsequent edits
  • Default: Editing this state only
  • Create Virtual Copy from here

I think that idea (to follow one of the best photo processing SW- NX2) could be applied for any format, isnt it? Im about history and layered simple editing (when you apply adjustment on the layer via different tools). Perhaps Olympus guus will same happy with that as Canon/Nikon :wink:

I still use CaptureNX2 every now and then. I love the tighter integration with ColorEfex and the ability to save the settings. The program also offers some functionality DxO is still missing. I do the raw processing (also .ORF :smile:) with DxO. The save to TIf. Use CaptureNX with ColorEfex to finelize the image. I save the finalized image as a NEF (Nikon raw file) in case I want to re-edit it and as a .jpg.

1 would be great, but even Lightroom does not support that. (Maybe CaptureNX2 did). 2 is sufficient.

What better reason to do something better? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What about the fact that it doesn’t just change one state but, also, wipes everything thereafter? How easy is it to determine whether something you want to keep is before or after the state you are going to undo back to?

That is not easy. Most of the time you throw away more than desired, but at least you don’t have to start from zero. The way ColorEfexPro 4 tackles the problem is ideal. You can check, uncheck and change the settings of the steps in the history panel.

And that doesn’t undo back to the changed setting? That’s not what the video shows

Do I understand it right?
You do the conversion with PL, save it as tiff. And then use CaptureNx to open it with ColorEfex? Is ColorExef integrated in CaptureNx or do you use Nx like PL is using the plugin.
You don’t mean CaptureNx-D?


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I would say 2 also.

NikColorEfex 3 is fully integrated in CaptureNX2 (the older version fo CaptureNX). I don’t think this is supported in CaptureNx-D

A special version of NikColorEfex for CaptureNx. A real plugin working on the in-memory image. I didn’t know that. But you get NEF’s that only can be opened with CaptureNx, isn’t it?


If you want to re-edit the photo with the previous adjustments from CaptureNx2, you have to save as a NEF. Otherwise you could save it as a Tif or Jpg.

Of cause there should be a visual representation of the states in addition to a textual description of the edit. Ideally a small popup window that is displayed while you mouse over the history list. For a full screen display you just select the entry in the history panel.

Would be very nice feature.

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They’ll wait for sales to slump a bit and bundle it into DxO 4.

Done in PL4

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