Hide Image Browser

In Customize I normally hide the Image Browser. In a session it stay that way until I eventually add it back. When I restart PhotoLab it appears and I have to hide it again.

Is there a way to permanently hide the Image Browser until I choose to put it back?

No, Lars, there is not … and I’d say that’s a design feature; 'cos, otherwise, how would you select the image(s) that you’re working with (?)

John M

By going to the PhotoLibrary tab. :slight_smile:

It’s not only restart that requires that you re-hide the image browser in Customize, it’s every time you leave Customize and then return. This is different from how any other resize of the image browser works: resize it to any non-zero height and the setting is remembered, hide it completely and it isn’t.

Makes no sense, and it’s a real pain if you’re working on a smaller display and want to make better use of the space available.

For over a decade I have used Photo Mechanic to select the images to work with, in DxO or any other photo software. And it has worked perfectly fine ever since I purchased my first version of DxO OpticsPro, the predecessor of DxO PhotoLab. No, Photo Library is not necessary for selection purposes.

That’s not quite what I meant, Lars - - I was referring to selection of an image to work with (or, to apply corrections to) from within PL.

I agree with you, tho; PL is NOT an ideal tool to use for image selection/rejection - something like Photo Mechanic is a much better choice.


Is there a format in the forum for making feature requests to the DxO team? They must be interested in listening to their customers.

If this is the place, I would like to put forward a request to remember the way Image Browser in Customize is set when you leave Customize.


You can create a new topic under this category for your request. Others can then Vote for it, as can you.