Correct. However, if one committed an important feature as a minor update for PL2, then one should deliver. At least before PL3. You create expectations.

Anyhow, being able to export RAW to HEIF is very important in my opinion. Should it not be released before PL4, then I might walk away from this piece of software. Especially, if competitors do offer it.

JPEG is too old fashioned (8bit etc) and TIFF is too large.

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Well, that new file format is « nice to have » especially to read as an input from lets say my iPhone.
To export and share, many out there still deal with jpeg so what’s the point. We have a huge bunch of drive space at disposal today I really do not think it is a necessity.
Until then, I will keep shooting jpeg on my iPhone and Earth will continu it’s revolution around the sun.

THAT do not mean I like to read promises that are not delivered. But as an industrial programmer myself, I can easily put myself in DxO’s shoes.
Hopefully customers will learn patience and DxO will learn from the (sometimes aggressive) remarks.

May you all have a great weekend.


I would highly recommend to read up on HEIF. The file size is nearly half of JPEG, but the quality will be much higher (e.g. it’s not limited to 8bit color).

Shooting in HEIF will also be supported by future cameras (one of them being the upcoming Canon DX MK III).

Exporting RAW to HEIF (instead of JPEG) should even be a higher priority, for solutions like PL.
Every camera is able to shoot RAW, hence being able to export to HEIF, instead of JPEG, will result in much better images, with a lower file size.

Some websites or viewing solutions might not yet support this file type, however this is changing rapidly.


I fear this is the way things are done here all too regularly.

I totally understand.
But we were able to live without it for all this years. It is not a few months that will change anything.

If you want DxO to move forward, send them love (and money) and wait until it produces fruits.

No, you pay when you get the fruit like in the super market – DxO is not a charity. With PL2 I wanted to help (due to the difficulties) but since nothing promised was delivered, and PL3 again doesn’t deliver many of what was promised for PL2, I am out this time until the fruits are shown and ready to be consumed. If they want more money/income they need to deliver better value versus competition.

Capture One 20 (the version coming soon) also doesn’t deliver anything substantial, so I am also skipping that this year (why pay 180 EURO for some incremental features that don’t have a major impact on your workflow/output quality). Serif / Affinity Photo is still giving solid free updates 3 years later (they are an example of how to run a business properly).


My point is that love do not cost anything and brings more than anything material can bring.
For the money, just do not pay when you feel it is not worthy, I agree.
I am sorry I am a bit sick of all this negativity on the forum lately. I guess we all work better when we get cheered up instead of taken down.

I agree but I think people had hopes that many things would be delivered in PL3 and they weren’t. Not all is lost because this time DxO could opt to deliver some solid .x updates. But yes, back to the business model, if they do deliver solid .x updates what can they add to PL4 with their limited resources? And this is in my view the catch-22 they find themselves in.


Any news when this feature might be available?

As most of the four new PL3 features (except for the local adjustment panel) are not a reason to update for me I’ve postponed the upgrade until at least HEIF is available.

Hi Marie, Do you, by any chance, have some feedback regarding the update that will allow us to export to HEIF? :slight_smile:

It’s going to have to be used as it looks like canon is switching to it

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That’s not good

Its reported the new IDX is dropping jpeg for HEIC/HEIF. A canon sponsored pro I know thinks the advantages will lead it to be used in all Canon cameras and he will probably use it in place of cr2 if the canon (which canon will if they are using it) and other processing programs deal with it. I have no idea how much flexibility HEIC/HEIF might have but if its half way between RAW and jpeg the advantages in speed of image taking and data saving/processing speed with indeed lead it to be a big gain for those who take large bursts of images such as sports and wildlife photographers.


we had to put support of HEIC/HEIF on pause, I should hav told you about that. But we are reuming our work on it to add it on the beginning of 2020.
I have to warn it will be OS dependant, details will be provided later.


@Marie Why was such a breakthrough feature put on hold till beginning of 2020? Can we at least expect it to be released during the first Q? Both Win 10 and MacOS Catalina support HEIF as far as I am aware. For sure Catalina.

Afinity supports in in both windows and mac. If some one like Canon switches over to it there will be others and resulting in a lot of cameras using it esp as its 16bit and reading up on it, near RAW in quality. I can see a lot of smart phones will be moving to it as well. My pro frend will not say so but I think he expects some cameras to just use it when the format is suported.

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The most important part is being able to export. Not just import. Most of us shoot raw, hence exporting in HEIF is going to give a lot of advantages over JPEG.

Apparently, MacOS does support HEIF since 10.13 (High Sierra).

Windows 10 (October 2018 Update or higher) does support HEIF with the following required Windows extensions:


But I can see smartphones and cameras in some uses being used with this format if its 16bit and enables much faster sport/wild life taking which is I understand why the new 1Dx is having it not jpeg.

In the end… we know support will come.
We just need to be patient. I am sure we can live without it until it’s here.

Too bad support for HEIF was pushed back once again. I would like to see import and export. A constantly increasing number of our customers send in HEIF files typically created by iPhones.

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