HDR Efex not saving back to calling application

(Bart Hovis) #1

I have been using Nik plugins from PhotoLab 2 by using “Export to External Application”. This works OK except for HDR Efex, which does not save any modifications back to PhotoLab, instead saves as a new file in my Documents folder, and does not show in PhotoLab.

Same problem in Lightroom, only stranger. When right click on an image in Lightroom, HDR Efex does not appear in list of plugins. So I went to Plugin Manager and saw that HDR Efex was installed and running, but does not appear on menu. I manually installed HDR Efex as an external application in Lightroom and then it shows up in the plugin menu and will run. However, it saves a new file in Documents rather than showing up in Lightroom.

Is this a known issue with HDR Efex, or just me?