GPU Acceleration on macOS


I would really like to see PL with better support for GPU acceleration for filters, export etc.
Especially now when Apple offers external GPU support - although some what restricted.

Many other RAW developing applications offers this support for macOS already.

(Platypus) #2

I wish that DPL would be more responsive too.

Engaging a GPU might help and I‘m sure that the way how images are recalculated could be optimised even without a GPU.


It is not really important whether CPU or GPU are used. Using both a little does not mean that the responsiveness gets better. It is all about the preview rendering architecture of the tool. How the data to process is calculated on the visible part of the image and the current zoom factor. How the visible part is divided in computational chunks. How the computational chunks are distributed to cores/shader units. Which correction algorithms are used, whether they support parallel processing, the order of them in the processing pipeline and so on. I have adressed this topic more general in: Avoid Blurry Previews


When doing exports there’s a huge benefit to have GPU supported processing.
Especially when you are on a MacBook Pro - or Mac mini or perhaps a Mac Pro trashcan - and a utilize an external graphics card!


I concur.
There are more and more people using a hackintosh which can harbor the most powerful GPUs of the time.
As a matter of fact, on mine, I didn’t put a powerful one because I knew DOP made no use of it. I would reconsider this option if DPL started using the GPU. There is a large amount of power that needs to be tapped.


Now when Apple have stepped up and confirmed the support for Metal and eGPU acceleration I would love DxO Photolab to pickup the slack and show every other raw developer app that they are the best.


PL is very efficient in utilising all cpu cores during export but I would love to see a better GPU support.

Perhaps background rendition.
GPU supported exports.
Optional CPU only / CPU+GPU combined /GPU only etc.

Many other does GPU acceleration both for stills but also for video and seeing DXO support it would make it an even more amazing application.