Further evolve/refine Prime NR utilizing AI?

If one prefers smoothing the image at the expense of details, then additional noise reduction is easy to apply in Picture Window Pro, “free for personal or commercial use”. The results come close to the Topaz AI results.

Starting with Photolab’s PRIME resullts presented earlier, I experimented with PWP’s noise reduction tool embedded in the advanced sharpening transformation.

In the noise reduction tab, adjust the desired blurring radius and the spatial frequency range where to apply the blurring. This transformation is very poweful; it also includes despecking and sharpening – both of which I have not enabled for this experiment.

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I already have. :wink:

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With the advent of PL4 and DeepPrime, what I had in mind when I started this thread seems to have become a reality, and sooner than expected too. And now the “strategic silence” about an AI-aided evolution of Prime on DxO’s part makes kind of sense.

Have already installed the new version and tried DeepPrime on a few high-ISO DNGs and must say the results are looking quite promising with regard to noise reduction while retaining delicate detail, even at the magic wand default values. Well done! :yum: