Fuji X Trans

I get it, but its unlikely you will ever get the response you want. As some point it will be time for you to move on. If you will no longer be using DXO software due to the lack of x-tran sensor support then, in my opinion, you are just wasting your time in this continuing dialog. If you will continue using this software for other cameras, that;s great, but I think this thread has still run its course.


Yes - it shows DxO for what they are. They should be ashamed of themselves and x trans or not I will never deal with them again. End of :sunglasses:

Bye bye :wave::wave::wave:


Sorry to see you go, but if the software no longer meets your requirements then it’s time to look elsewhere.


Indeed. An excellent company that knows it limitations and who are not prepared to spend inordinate amounts of time and money on a relatively small market, to the detriment of the other 99.99% of stuff they do extremely well.

DxO, I love you :nerd_face:


Dear @colin_g,

It’s a pity to hear you go. But I specially did the check of the posts on Instagram to see where exactly the support of X-Trans is announced and failed. So I had to read the comments to the posts and
I suppose you referred to the comment done on November 29, 2019, am I right?

Anyway, I have no info that we are going to support this type of sensor. Probably, I do not have the latest info or there is a misleading info in the comments (unfortunately, it could happen on social networks). So you should wait for the reply on Instagram as soon as the guy returns from holidays.
And I have nothing to apologize for - the latest info I’ve got - “we do not support X Trans”.

Svetlana G.


So you are saying that the guy on Instagram is not a DxO employee or representative? Yes it is that post and it was an unsolicited response to my statement that PL does not support X trans. It is categoric - we are working on it.

You can post a link or provide a copy of this instagram message, but, in any case Colin, this is starting to go on way too long with no new information being shared. It appears you no longer are able to use PhotoLab without support of x-trans. Regardless of what the instagram message may have said, Svetlana has indicated there are no current plans to support that sensor. Perhaps it’s time to move on.



Notwithstanding communication issues at stake here, it looks like the Adobe Camera Raw engine does support a large range of Fuji X-model cameras (see link below) and I think that means that Adobe’s free DNG Converter would be able to convert them to DNG which DxO may be able to read.

I’m just making assumptions here but for a while I was using a competitor product that did not support my (then quite new) Pentax camera and I used this approach to get around the problem until proper support was provided.

It might be worth further investigation.

ACR supported cameras page:

Download Adobe DNG Converter (free):

Thanks for this zkarj but PL will nor read dng files that are x trans based.

Mark, DxO staff know where the offending post is. The fact that they cannot seem to be bothered to post a correcting message speaks volumes.

Or it means they are frantically busy trying to fix bugs and implementing as much new stuff as they can for the next update.

And that makes it OK to allow incorrect and potentially misleading info to remain uncorrected! How sad is that and how sad does tat make you!

This is really only a problem if you believe what is written on a channel like Instagramm in the first place.


Good morning,

Right now I’m closing this topic as I do not see any reason to continue this discussion. As soon as I get the info that “we are working on X trans sensor” I will let you know.

Happy coming new year to everybody! :christmas_tree::sparkling_heart::snowman_with_snow::fireworks:

Svetlana G.


Hi everyone,

Just to clarify things a bit, and nuance what Svetlana said, before ending (temporarly) this discussion:
We have plan for X-Trans FUJIs support in PL in the future and though it’s still at its very early stage, we’re not anymore in the “we’ll never be able to support X Trans” mindset.

Technology evolve, and what was impossible a few months and even years ago is now reachable somehow, with new solutions.

We cannot say when, as you can easily imagine, but we can say that PhotoLab’s future is brighter than before on the X-Trans side of things. :slight_smile:

And I take this opportunity to wish you all the best of everything for 2020.
Good health, well-being and beautiful photographic projects to you and your beloved ones!

Best regards,


Great to hear these news! A new era in DxO is coming :wink:

Svetlana G.