Flip image horizontally and vertically

On peut aussi ajouter la rotation directe à 180°
Et aussi un gestion plus fine des rotations (pour les masques de correction locale) avec une mesure chiffrée par exemple.

please keep the threat in English!

or we use DeepL to translate if interested in

We can also add direct 180° rotation
And also a finer management of rotations (for local correction masks) with a numerical measurement for example. :innocent: :grin:

Some people find it difficult to communicate technical matters in English and, when their English is not good, that can add to misunderstandings (e.g. you used threat instead of thread)

Deepl is an amazing translator and all you have to do is copy/paste into it to see what is written. N’est-ce pas ?


That’s the same for me. To hijack someone else’s thread is simply not right. Answering a foreign threat in a different language than the original one is impolite and rude. So, she could also use a translator and stick with the original language of the original post.

You see the problem? Once again you’ve used the wrong English word. "Answering a foreign threat " is translated into German as “Antwort auf eine ausländische Bedrohung”

The correct English for what you wanted to say is very different - “Replying to a thread written in another language” translate via Deepl as “Auf ein Thema antworten, das in einer anderen Sprache geschrieben wurde”, which reverse translates as “Replying to a topic written in another language”. Please consider using Deepl to save being misunderstood (Bitte verwenden Sie Deepl, damit Sie nicht missverstanden werden.)

This is a multilingual site. Most of us who have been here for a while seem to have no problem dealing with the language diversity.


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Thanks to Guenterm

Any answare from the staff of DXO about flip and rotations in the future ???

  • Should be in the future :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.

Ah, but in these days of parallel realities, which future? :wink:


We’ll see :wink:

Flipping an image is a basic and very important function. The coding must be really easy (invert position values of all pixels in one axis only, plus adding a tab) so there’s no good reason it should take so long. It’s been requested for a very long time now. Please can we have it soon?

The code is simple. But how to combine that with editing? All the pixels will have new coordinates. That might be difficult in a parametric editor.


I get a feeling one of the difficulties could well be that people will end up wanting to have virtual copies in different flip states, which is really going to push the rendering engine, calculating more than one at the same time for the thumbnails.

Check this out: B&W - Use HSL instead of Channel Mixer

I’d forgotten about that. Neat idea.

But the current version of PL already has the feature of rotating an image. So with rotating all the pixels will have new coordinates. I think that’s not different when flipping.

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You’re right.


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Some say it’s a complicated task, but as far as I understand it is not necessary to recalculate the position of individual pixels, they all change as a block. The first left becomes the last left, the second left becomes the second last left. Equivalent if it is a vertical flip. I don’t see the difficulty. Or am I wrong?

An even easier implementation would be to make the “flip-process” the last step (after all other corrections have been applied) … then there’d be no need for any coordinate recalculations at all.

John M