Flip image horizontally and vertically

this feature request was raised in July 2018 and closed in December 2018. So I assume the feature was implemented. But, I can’t find it.
It’s really annoying to export it to Photoshop only for flipping.

Btw. how can I add Photoshop (or other apps I regularly use) to the Export_to Menu

Just click on “Browse” button :wink:

To Flip image I’m waiting since … hmmm


If the topic was closed to free up votes, that means the requested feature is in the backlog - not that it’s been implemented.

To add to what Pascal said: The export-to-application menu shows a list of the most recent applications you exported to. Once you use Browse to direct PhotoLab to export to Photoshop, it should stay on the menu.

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Backlog at times looks to be a way of shutting up customers.


the current export_to dialog isn’t very comfortable. the dialog only offers standard apps, I don’t have. So, it’s completely useless. On the other hand, those apps, I regularly use, are hidden in that uncompfortable box. A very bad solution at the moment. other tools even offer the creation of your own icons a short cuts for such functions.

Hello guys,

  • Absolutely. Thank you, Greg.
  • Dear John, I can confirm this feature is in the middle of the backlog and if we successfully finish the major ones we’ll get down to it.

Svetlana G.

I just had a play with Exif Editor on my Mac, flipping a copy of an image horizontally in the EXIF data.


In Finder, I get (original on left, flipped on right) :

However, in PL3.2, I get (flipped on left, original on right) :

I thought I had stumbled across a kludge until this is properly implemented in DxO but, it would seem DxO is doing something inconsistent behind the scenes.
Any ideas?