Fix problem of Image Properties pop-up hiding behind undocked Image Browser

Whilst not exactly a bug, as such, current behaviour is certainly confusing and unhelpful.

Steps to reproduce;

  • Press Ctrl+U to undock the Image Browser.
  • Click on one of the thumbnails & press Ctrl+I … The Image Properties window pops-up, as expected.
  • Click on a different thumbnail … the Image Properties window disappears (!)
  • Toggle Ctrl+I repeatedly, with aim to see the Image Properties window … nothing happens.
  • Waste several minutes pondering this; trying various different ways to activate the missing pop-up.
  • Ahhhh - there it is :anguished: … it’s hiding behind/beneath the undocked Image Browser !!!

Solution: The Image Properties window should always appear “on top”.

John M

…on top of the DxO windows, but not on top of everything…

(Don’t forget to vote for your proposal :slight_smile:)

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Svetlana G.