Fine contrast in the local adjustments

Sorry, I don’t find this long wishlist for PhotoLab 5 and I’m afraid that it is already too late. The list should be pinned at the top.
What I really would like to have is the fine contrast in the local adjustments. The micro contrast is not enough and sometimes the worse choice. I could use the fine contrast more often.


well, while I like the idea (and maybe realized in later versions) the “Fine contrast” slider acts as
master of …
Screen Shot 09-27-21 at 02.18 PM

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I agree that the fine contrast adjustments should be available for local adjustments, the are far more refined in their action than the micro contrast.

But, until DxO can separate the palettes and sliders from the selection point, things like this will only serve to make the “equaliser” even bigger and more unwieldy. There have already been requests for the colour wheel as well, but that is never going to happen on the equaliser - better by far to put all adjustments on the right panel or a floating one.