Finding the Niks in version 2.5

Is there any way to download the version 2.5 of the Nix plugins ? I already own the latest version of them but, it seems, Affinity Photo only can use version 2.5. Or, work together with Affinity to solve the matter. As it is PL4 is wonderful but far from complete, would it be for the absence of layers.
TY and best regards. Samely, Affinity cannot cut it alone, and I need PL4.

Interesting comment. I did buy Nik Collection but have never yet found a use for it, doing everything in PL4. What are you trying to do that you feel the need for layers.


What OS are you using?
Nik Collection 3 works for me with Affinity Mac.

I also have a license for the Nik Collection which I use only occasionally and even then I mostly use Silver Efex Pro. Although I know the Nik collection can be a very useful set of tools, I much prefer using PL4 and FilmPack 5 Elite.



Windows10. It works now. Two things led me to my confusion : fristly Affinity on its own page specifies version 2.5 ; also, Affinity did not auto detect my Niks plugins.
Now everything works since I found out that Affinity look for Photoshop plugins (.8bf). I found that this can be set up in the Preferences this could be set up. Works now so I can test which I prefer.

All sorts of stuff. I use stacking (focus for DOF, aperture for getting rid of diffraction, median to remove moving objects, hdr efex is getting long in the tooth ; some blending modes are useful, some masking methods that PL does not afford us…
I am trying to be rid of Photoshop and Lightroom this year. I think that PL, Affinity and Qimage will make it possible.

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