Filters made by old version of Nik do not work anymore after installation of new version

I like to buy the new version of the Nik filters (5).
Currently I’m working with the older 3 version.
When I went from version 2 to versione 3, my filters in photoshop of version 2 did not work anymore.
Very anoying.
Wil I get this problem again when I buy the new 5 version? That my version 3 filters will not work anymore?

Hi Jack,

What do you mean by “my filters” ?
Are you, perhaps, referring to a custom Recipe/Preset ?

If so then there’s no reason that you cannot Import such Recipes into the latest version … Just as there was no problem with importing from SEPv2 into SEPv3 - - That was actually an important capability of v3.

Did you try using the Import button ?

John M

Hi John,
After I installed the new version of the NIK filters, the filters in Photoshop applied with the old version where not accessible anymore. I could not go to the NIK filter interface again.
I could only create new filters with the new version.

OK - I don’t use PS - so I cannot comment further.

Perhaps someone else might be able to assist you (?)

John M