Filter "Images generated by DxO Photolab" not finding all TIFFs

I use the latest version of Nik Collection as a plug-in with PL5. When I process a photo with Nik, a TIFF is generated in the same folder as the file I started with, whether it’s a RAW, JPEG or another TIFF. When I’m done with processing, and I’ve saved any TIFF files to JPEG in a different folder, I delete the TIFF files because they’re huge - usually about 100MB - and in any case I keep the RAW files. In order to delete the TIFFs, I use the Images generated by DxO Photolab filter, press CTRL+A and then delete all the files that it found.

The trouble is, more often than not it doesn’t find all of them. I can tell if this has happened after deleting the files that the filter did find by removing the filter and then adding the RAW images filter. Sometimes not all the remaining files are RAW. Typically, if I’ve generated a few tens of TIFs in the course of processing a day’s folder of RAW files, two or three of them somehow evade the Images generated by DxO Photolab filter and I have to scroll through the RAW files in PL5 or sort them by Type in the folder in order to find the remaining TIFFs.

There’s no obvious factor determining which files this happens to, e.g. they could be first or second generation (I often make a colour processing with Viveza and then a b&w from the TIFF that generates with Silver Efex). I suppose it could conceivably be an issue with Nik, but since it affects the PL5 filter I’ve posted it here.

I’m guessing the images “not found” by PL are those saved from Nik (?) … In which case, it’s a matter of PL not realising that they’re there. A couple of things to try;

  • Try pressing F5 … to refresh the Image Browser
  • Do you have “Live Review” activated (an option in the View menu) ?

John M

Hi John, to take your last point first, I didn’t have Live Review activated and will see if that makes a difference. Regarding refreshing with F5, I’ve sometimes done that when a processed shot doesn’t appear at all but will try it in these instances too. Many thanks for these suggestions.

But regarding your first sentence - all the TIFFs are saved from Nik, hence the last paragraph in my previous post. To (hopefully!) make it clearer, typically I’ll highlight a batch of perhaps 3-6 shots at a time, open them up in a Nik module and work on them, then save them as TIFFs and then from those as JPEGS. But when I come to deleting the TIFFs later along with those from other batches, the TIFFs that the filter doesn’t find are usually one among several from a batch, which is why it’s so difficult to see a factor that distinguishes them from others in the same batch.

Looks like Live Review has done the trick, provisionally at least. Thanks again.

Although, given the apparent randomness of which TIFFs don’t appear in the filter, it still looks like a bug to me.

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Hi John,

I spoke too soon, unfortunately. The same problem has reared its head again - interestingly with the now improved filters in the latest version of PL5.

I was working on a folder of 152 RAW files, using Nik Viveza and Silver Efex on most of those I actually processed. When I’d finished with all the ones I wanted to process and saved all the TIFFs to JPEG, I came to deleting them. The Images generated by DxO Photolab filter found 115, which I then deleted. To see if this had missed any, I compared the results between Images not generated by DxO Photolab and Raw images. The former found 160 images - every image in the folder - and the latter found the 152 RAW files. I then thought I’d better check whether Live Review was on. It wasn’t. Turning it on made no difference - Images generated by DxO Photolab still didn’t find the remaining 8 TIFFs in the folder. Refreshing by pressing F5 didn’t help either, nor did turning PL5 off and then starting it again.

Interestingly, the filter that does find the remaining 8 TIFFs and nothing else is RGB images, so that will hopefully be a useful workaround until this bug gets fixed. I say bug because I can see nothing about those images that has made them invisible to Images generated by DxO Photolab when the other 115 TIFFs weren’t. Most if not all of them were processed in batches with others that didn’t slip through the net, all of them were processed with Nik modules so all of them were “Images generated by DxO Photolab”. There’s no obvious rhyme or reason to it at all.

Well, I’ve given up and don’t use “Filter” anymore – the same with “Search”.


@sgospodarenko / Svetlana may be interested in this (?)

John M