Feature request: extend canvas and fill in the added space with the Repair tool in clone mode

Feature request: extend canvas and fill in the added space with the Repair tool in clone mode.
Use case # 1: it is required to extend photo (canvas) instead of cropping due to image was taken to tight or an incorrect framing.
It would be amazing if I can not only crop photo to a desirable framing but also in the same mode extend canvas outwards! the empty space created during such an operation can be infilled with the Repair tool in Clone or Repair mode.

Use Case #2: it would be amazing to have an option to extend the photo outwards ( opposite to cropping) after application of the following tools: horizon, parallel lines and any other geometry image manipulation that presently results in the image being cropped to get rid of areas of the image that were created in result of geometry image manipulations.

in both use cases - repair tool to be used in order to infill image areas that were created in result of canvas extension or image geometric manipulations.

Hello @alexander_moloksher and welcome to the Forum,

We’ve already got this request and as a temporary work around you can use this suggestion - Limitation of repair/clone tool?

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

The methodology I had in mind is quite different to what being discussed in the thread you were referring to.

Please consider that Lightroom can stitch raw files in panorama mode.

I suggest the following algorithm:

  1. In order to extend raw image to the right by 100 pixels, stitch / merge the original RAW file with another virtual RAW file equal to the first one in height and 100 pixels wide and positioned on the right hand side of the original RAW file.

  2. Use repair tool on the resulting image to infill areas that were added to the original image.

I do not see this being programmatically difficult to implement.
I hope it explains.

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Okay, got it.

I’ve converted your post into a feature request and you can vote for it.

Svetlana G.

Allow the clone tool to work beyond the image boundary as straightened up (by the horizon tool) or perspective corrected (by Viewpoint perspective correction).

These areas, shown in black, currently do not accept cloning to.

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Wholly agree, this is in my opinion a major deficiency in PL… this definitely gets my vote.

Hopefully they will also fix the bug in the healing/clone tool that stops it from working correctly on the edges of the photo when feathering is enabled :frowning: I get the distinct impression that most people don’t heal/clone the edges of their photos, but that’s almost always where I want to “make adjustments”.

How about this feature request instead:

Thanks … looks a duplicate


Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana, maybe you can merge again: