[Feature Request] Better integration of FilmPack 6 into PhotoLab 5


I’m trying PhotoLab 5 and FilmPack 6, and it’s amazing what I can do with them!
I only have one problem : the integration of FilmPack presets into Photolab is a little… messy.
I’d LOVE to be able to have the lateral right panel of FilmPack inside Photolab, instead of what you propose right now.

I just want to be able to filter and do a one click to see the result, and another click to try another preset, with all the preview… Right now, it’s not possible. There is the button on the top right, but it cover the photo and it disapear when I click on a preset. And the Time Machine integration has a sloooow workflow and doesn’t propose every presets.

Just the right panel from FilmPack inside Photolab would be PERFECT. (by clicking on the “apply preset” button for example)

Thank a lot! Have a nice day.

Don’t forget to vote for your proposal.

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Have you tried downloading and using my FilmPack 6 presets? They are used by a number of PhotoLab users on this site, There is no cost. The link is below.