Feature Development Pipeline OVERVIEW

Hey friends,

I love how this forum is full of many cronstructive and precise improvement suggestions, many comapnies could dream of such an engaging user base.
Yet, it would help you Developers and us Users, if you gave us your “Feature Development Pipeline OVERVIEW” so that we know what new features to expect when.

Also while maybe unpleasant for you, it allows us to insist especially on easy/urgent features to implement with huge workflow improvements for us (f.e. custom shortcuts). We know your effort is limited by the size of your team. Make more surveys, with votes for the features we like to have next. With this forum, I strongly believe Photolab is going to be the best RAW editor out there soon.

Happy holidays, stay healthy


Almost the best. It will need to include Fuji X Trans support to be “the” best. Happy to say it will be the best non X Trans raw developer :slight_smile: