Fast Raw Viewer with DXO Photolab 4

Is there a way for DXO Photolab 4 to read XMP files from Fast Raw Viewer? If so, how? Now the why: I would like to use the rating system from Fast Raw Viewer after viewing the images using that software to check for blown highlights, shadows, etc and using the histogram from that software.

If it is not possible, then I will simply find a work around or do it the longer way. I do like like Fast Raw Viewer’s histogram and wish DXO had one just like it. It does help.

Thanking everyone in advance.

At the moment, you will see the star ratings in Photolab and the added Title/Description in the exported photos.
You will not see the color labels (and the Title/Description) in Photolab.

FRV 's xmp file is made for LR.
So all the tagging and things as EV comp and WB correction are not read by DxOPL only starratings are read.
If you use stars rating FRV creates a xmp file.
Me personal use the workflow.
1 ingest and cull with FRV. Rate the good one’s with a star or more.
2 then i use adobe bridge to tag keywords.
3 select the one’s i want to edit. (bridge can open DxOPL and creates a project in DxOPL for you.)

This way you can use the search function in DxO and select on keywords.
Note that changing and adding in DxOPL of keywords are not updating the xmp file.

I have found the PL4 Photo Library very slow for viewing and selecting large raw images. It becomes remarkably slow with large amount of images in a folder.

I have used Nikon View NX-i to view the NEF images. I star mark the photos to be
edited. Then I filter the photos and copy the star marked to a new folder - preferably on my C: SSD. From there I do the editing in PL4. The DOT files are saved to this folder leaving the original NEF:s ready for new attempts. Extra browsing speed is gained due to the PL4 folder is not containing all files.

I have recently not checked if the View NX-i star markings do copy into PL4. It used not to be so.

I am using AcdSee as DAM, I assign star rating in AcdSee and in Photolab I can use filters to see only photos with the rating I wish. It works well, if you don’t touch rating in Photolab it always reads from XMP

It’s always a matter of workflow, I would not do it like that. Instead I shoot RAW and also let the camera create a small jpg ooc. Back home I separate jpgs from raw in different temporary folders (W10), preselect these jpgs for technical issues, doublettes, “best of five” and whatever. Then I copy the remainder jpgs into the raw folder and delete (or re-move) every raw which has no jpg equivalent (simply sort by name). And then open DXO and continue. Easy.