Export to Application

I have been using the latest release (2.2.0) and sending tiff images to Photoshop for luminosity masking when I noticed that Photoshop is telling me that the received tiff is 8 bits while the PL dialog tells me it is sending a 16 bit tiff. I then tried sending the same (supposedly) 16 bit tiff to Affinity Photo as a check and found it also tells me that the image is 8 bits.


I did a bit more checking into this and found that this problem is restricted to cases where I am telling PL to create a 16 bit tiff from an 8 bit jpg. My Olympus E-M1.2 can create a rectilinear image from my 8mm fisheye, but only for the jpgs, so I am sending that jpg to Photoshop and telling PL to convert it into a 16 bit tiff. It is creating the tiff, but only at 8 bits.

I am making the assumption that this is a new bug as I do not remember seeing it in previous versions of PL.