Export to application dialog - Export to dropdown list too short

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The Export to… dropdown list in the Export to application dialog is limited to 5 items (first in, first out). This is not even enough for the Nik Collection alone.

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Agree. If the export history list contained at least 10 entries, instead of only 5, this rudimentary approach to sending images to external applications would be much more usable .


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Of course, the best solution would be an Edit in… setup dialog in the Preferences, allowing to specify as much entries as we want, each having its own export settings. Like in Lightroom.


would be nice if there was the last 3 or 5 used but also another with a subfolder where you can add all plugin you want.

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Hello @Pat91,
Am I correct when understanding that you are talking about PhotoLab Export To window? As the category you put the request in made me confused :thinking:

Svetlana G.

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Hi Svetlana,

You’re correct. I should have posted this in the DPL forum. Not here. My mistake.

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Cool! I moved it to the correct one :slight_smile:

And now, it’s up to @lucho and @fdeitos to decide if the ‘Export to app’ can be enlarged in the near future.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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Hi Folks!

I’m sure there’s something we can do about it :slight_smile:


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Just a follow up to the issue in general and a suggestion. Eventually I’m hoping that there will be a more elegant solution for transferring images to the NIK collection but for the moment there isn’t. I only use 5 of the Nik Collection programs which uses all five of the history slots in the Export to Application history. If I export to something else the one on the bottom of the list gets knocked off and I have to drill down to the executable again the next time I want to use it. Its an unnecessary inconvenience to your users to force them to do that. In addition, many users are not computer savvy and don’t understand how to drill down and find the program executables for the Nik Collection or even understand what an executable is . Expanding the history list should only be a short term solution .

A better way to transfer images to external applications needs to be found in general. But for the NIK Collection, which you own, how about adding an Export to Nik Collection option which will resemble the Export to Application dialog but will contain radio buttons so you can select the Nik program you wish to export to . I’m assuming that PhotoLab will be able to identify the location of the Nik Collection.


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We’ll seek for the best solutions, not for the “short term” one.
If expanding the history list is a step towards another useful feature, we’ll study that. If it’s not, we’ll propose something else.

If not all, lot of roads leads to Rome. :smiley:


NIK improvements
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Thanks for the response. All we can do is identify issues from the user perspective and suggest possible solutions. After that its all up to you.


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CS6 user here.


I second that emotion ( with apologies to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)

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Hello Alec,

Don’t you think it’s a post for the NIK section of the Forum? Especially the part for the support of CS6…

If you don’t mind I can move it there to address the proper persons.

Svetlana G.

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Svetlana, you’re absolutely right. My post would be much better in the Nik forum as it goes beyond simple PhotoLab 2 integration. Please put it where it belongs. If you could, perhaps leave a link to that post in this thread?

I’ve just bought Nik from DxO as well so I’ll be visiting the Nik forum occasionally as well in the future.

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Done - NIK improvements :grinning:

Svetlana G.

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The drop-down list is expanded and already delivered.

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