Export settings optimized for Facebook

Any one knows what would be the best export settings for Facebook?

  • Jpeg
  • Quality -100% or less ?
  • Resampling 2048 px. long edge
  • 300 or 72 ppi ?
  • SRGB
  • Bicubic sharper ?

Anything better?

The DPI won’t improve when uploading to FB beyond 72.
PNG’s (IMO) are far more stable coming out the other end of FB and IG’s compression blender. JPG’s have a lot of artifacts that get amplified.

Quality I would set at 100% because FB is going to compress regardless, that would at the least allow you to retain as much detail as possible.

Remember that images uploaded to an album on Facebook first have the option for HD, regular post uploads do not.

Srgb - don’t use RGB unless you want your colors to get compromised.

I would recommend not using an output sharpener. Sharpen your images to satisfaction prior to export.
FB allows 2048 but the compression seems far less drastic if you keep it at 1920 longest edge.

Hope that helps.

Thenks Damian

I know that png was a workaround in the past to prevent FB Compression algorithm. But not anymore :pensive:

Usually I do not upload to album, so it will keep having this Compression.