Ex-Lightroom user loving DxO PL BUT the healing tool is driving me crazy

Well i can only assume that the coding is complex and taking time. I really hope that’s the case and that we do get an updated healing tool that’s semi automatic instead of fully automatic because i love using DxO right up to the point where i have to use the healing tool and during use i question whether I’ve made the right choice with the editor. In my opinion PL despite all its brilliance is badly let down by its healing tool.


It was never promised, or even suggested, that it would be in this release. We were only told that we may be getting it sooner than we expected. Like you I was hoping it would be in this release, but more likely it will be in version 3 when it comes out towards the end of the year.

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Deviating a bit but can I ask if images edited in previous versions of DxO PL open up & in the same edited way in new versions (in this case v2 vs v3 when it comes out)?

Yes, they will open in new versions with the same edits from previous versions.



Hi @PSB/Paul and @mwsilvers/Mark,

There have been some examples, in the past, where subsequent versions have not opened in the same state as they were in the previous version - - One such example is discussed here.

However, this example is not typical - and I know (from other examples) that the DxO developers do aim to ensure that new versions are backwards compatible.

Regards, John M

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Regrettably there have have been a number of improvements, turn of this year for example, that vanished in technical problems. Apart from bug fixes and a number of new cameras/lenses there has been very little since PL was first released nearly 2 years ago. For me the only improvement has been the problem of some dop’s not being removed. After years of support claiming it was a windows problem they did finally find the PL (and older) bug/s that were causing it and they are being all removed now.
Yes these imprisonments may reappear in V3 but if so many of us will not be stupid next time round and hang on until the future discounts! Until then clean removal of dop’s is the only thing I have benefited from since PL was first produced!

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I’ve just updated to the latest version. Now DxO PL won’t even start. I’ll start a new post :frowning:

Svetlana G.