Error: DxO PL2 e won't close at "quit"

(Marc) #21

It happens to me too and I can reproduce it.
(macOS Sierra 10.12.6)

In my case:

  • open PL2.1
  • select one DNG
  • apply one custom auto setting (autoréglages): to change the ICC camera profile
  • CMD-Q to quit
    and the color wheel appears :cyclone:


Not heard anything back from Support as yet and it is becoming a little frustrating as would like to get on and edit some images. So far I’ve not lost any work by having to ‘force quit’ but reluctant to do anything meaningful in case edits disappear.
Hopefully they’re frantically tapping away on their keyboards and we’ll have a fix soon.

(Marc) #23

Maybe @sgospodarenko can give some attention to this thread and give us a feedback ?

(Svetlana G.) #24

Hello Marc,
Actually I do not deal with MAC but I can assist in attracting attention of a proper person :wink:

@kettch could you, please, have a look?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

(kettch) #25

Indeed, we’ve had a number of reports on this issue. I see some of you have contacted our support, and they have no news so far because we’re still investigating on this.

I’ll let you know as soon as we get some update on this!

(Marc) #26

Thank you Svetlana that is great.
Actually I do not know who is who here (and we do not have access to the Staff group either) :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

Now everybody -reading the forum- got the news and can wait patiently for the update.
Thank you :+1:t4:

(Svetlana G.) #27

No problem, I’m at your service :wink:

(Marc) #28

Thank you.

I right now update to no changes yet:

  • I open PL, do not touch anything: PL can be closed without problem.
  • I open PL, move a cursor (i.e. Contrast): PL is spinning to infinite :cyclone::cyclone::cyclone: when I Ctrl-Q.

(kettch) #29

Yup, sorry about that, we’re still working on the issue. We have reproduced and identified it, but it will take a bit more time to ensure that the fix is right. We had to release a version with a few fixes for other issues before the Christmas vacation, but the fix for that bug couldn’t make it there in time, unfortunately.

(Marc) #30

Okay !
One line in the update popup made me think it was corrected. My bad. No problem.

Happy holidays DxO Team :wink:

(Stefan Goldkuhle) #31

Many thanks for information.
Enjoy the Christmas days :wave:

(Marc) #32


Just to let you know that I was working on my second mac with macOS 10.14.2 (Mojave) and I did not experience this bug yet :cyclone::cyclone::cyclone:

(kettch) #33

Just to let you know that I was working on my second mac with macOS 10.14.2 (Mojave) and I did not experience this bug yet

Yup, it seems to be specific to 10.12.

(Stefan Goldkuhle) #34

And also 10.11.

(kettch) #35

And also 10.11.

We don’t support PhotoLab 2 officially on El Capitan. For now, it won’t prevent starting it, but it may change at any point in time without notice, as the technical requirements clearly state that only 10.12 and later is supported.

(Stefan Goldkuhle) #36

Hi kettch,
to simplyfy your Statement:

  • PL1 on 10.11 ok
  • PL2 on 10.11 ok
  • PL2.1 on 10.11 not supported (without info)

If you scroll up this thread, this issue is also reported on 10.12 and 10.13


Apple do not support 10.11 any longer either. They only support the three latest revisions which means 10.12-14.
So even though it was a decent OS, one should move up to at least 10.12 to gain all needed security patches and updates.

(Marc) #38

Hi Kettch,
Maybe you can just display a warning popup at start up « your System is not supported, you use this software at your own (risk ?) and DxO can not offer you any support. Please update your system as soon as possible » and let the user decide when and how to update it’s system ?
This would not be too restrictive and makes things clear for the user at the same time.

(jwc) #39

Any chance of getting this resolved?

I’m getting really weary of dealing with it.

(jwc) #40

Ferris? Anyone?