Epson Print Layout?

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I have read a few posts about the Canon Print Studio plugin(?) being able to be started from with PL4 (current version). Now, this Canon application is dedicated to the higher end printers but the Epson equivalent “Epson Print Layout” I am told works well with their newest (more budget worthy) ET-8550 .

Therefore, is it known (I could not any ref by searching) whether Epson Print Layout will work with PL4 and if not is it something that will be sorted out, afterall Epson printers are mainstream alternatives to Canon.

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PhotoLab features “Export to Application”. Have you tried it to send exports to Epson’s printing sw?

Thanks for that…I never realised that was present. I will have to try that as appropriate when the time arises.

A quick question more, looking at the way “Export to application” appears to be setup can you create(?) more than one “Export to application” link?

Try it out and see what it does. It’s by far the best way to discover and learn imo, you can also find out more details in the user guide: Exporting to application

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Can you tell me what the tabs “nik collection” and “export to application” is doing anything else as writing the image to disk and calling a program with that file? Following some discussions I’m getting confused and think that I’m missing something.


They do just that. They also save us a few thoughts and clicks, specially when we customize one image at a time. If Nik is not installed, the button is greyed out. It can also be hidden through one of PhotoLabs settings.

I have the free Nik collection and it’s recognized by PL. I never use it.
A bit off topic, sorry. The PL plugin for LR. That’s doing the same isn’t? But who is taking care for that: LR or PL?


PhotoLab installs both an import and export plugin… On my Mac, they are called
“dxo-exporter-dpl4.lrplugin” and “dxo-importer-dpl4.lrplugin” and are installed on first launch of PhotoLab, or, if you have declined to install then, the first time you export to Lightroom.

And what are they doing?
In my knowledge the LR export-to pluging is saving an image to disk and calls PL with that disk as parameter.
But what is the import-from plugin doing? It has to force PL to save the image first.
Do I see that right?


@George, get all the answers here:

I fear I had a Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’ moment…your replies and the linky are a timely reminder for me, thank you :smiley: