DXO wont import CR2 files from Canon R. Camera

Have been using DXO on Imac for ages really please with results. Have just bought a new Camera Canon R7 but DXO wont import CR2 files from Camera any ideas please

There is no import feature in PhotoLab. Do you mean it won’t open the raw files from your new camera? Support was added in DxO PhotoLab 5.4.0. What version of PhotoLab are you using?


When I put files into a folder on my Mac they show up as DXO pr CR3 then when I try to open them with DXO it says these files are either not supported or already bee. Processed in DXO PureRaw or the files may be corrupted

You need to check whether your new camera has been set to produce cRAW files or dual pixel RAW. These formats cannot be read by PhotoLab

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Find more detail about file format limitations here:


Ok so things have changed. Thanks @platypus

you still can use Adobe software (ACR/LR/DNG Converter) to make DNG from mRAW / sRAW and get them into DxO PL6 with a loss of some functionality of course…

I just tested by downloading CR2 sRAW from I-R ( Canon 5D Mark II Review - sRAW ) converting to DNG and opening it in DxO PL6 … (WB had to be fixed manually though )

R7 makes CR3 raws, not CR2 ??? do you mean 7D not R7 ?

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I recently bought the R7, which is set for Dual CR3 (though DxO only sees 1)

I import to my PC via the Canon EOS Utility (I can cull the obvious duff images that way too). I connect with a USB C from PC to R7. The EOS Utility is available for Mac.

I then point PL6 at the folder on my PC

Not had any problems that way so far

Yeah sorry cr3 files