DxO PureRaw2 - Lightroom - Windows "Internal Error" popup


Whenever I use DxO PureRaw2 as a LightRoom plug-in, including creating a custom folder inside where my original RAW files (well NEF to be accurate) are stored, I’ll constantly get an error popup that reads “An internal error has occurred: AgImportSession.addOnePhotoToLibrary: failed to import photo”

It is VERY annoying and a pain in the proverbial to click out of every single error popup!

Oh and it also turns off whatever filters I’ve set in LR, .e.g “Flagged, 0 stars”.

It does seem to generate one popup per image, but I’m too frustrated to count.

I would note that the images do seem to be imported, HOWEVER, I also note that when running the plug-in it only seems to immediately populate about 1/3 or less of the images to the custom folder and I have to run “Synchronise folder…” to get the rest of the images to populate.

Any ideas, anyone?

I have this problem too. Sometimes it will import the new photo after pr2, but sometimes I do get this error.

Anyone else?