I am very limited in use of applications by choice.
Why use lots of applications if the gain is little when you learn the main apps to use as good as possible?

That said, pure raw is like standalone viewpoint and filmpack in my opinion.
A “handout” or teaser to people who don’t need/want DxOPL eltite in full aspect.

Of of dxo perspective i wouldn’t set pure raw’s deepprime on par with PL.
Very close but not exactly the same in outcome and experience.

Why? Lot of people who buy dxopl just for deepprime and opticmodule and export as soon as possible to there editor of choice are easier to persuade to buy pureraw then full package.
There loss is then that they don’t get the other tools and therefore don’t be tickled to change opinion about the full package.
So to have some extra motivation to buy the full package make the full package just a bit better, in exported denoising , in advanged settings, in export types (dng) and formats (crops/resizing).

I am not familiar with the ACR module standalone and build in in LR but i guess they do the same.

I suspect the buyers are only interested in batchlike fairly straightforward exporting from raw to tiff or dng.

If dxo wants to make a Photolab elite mobile they need to scap the library function and search functions.
Ingest, select, edit, export, forget. Only dopfiles. Maybe a copyright iptc tamplet so you can instant stamp your id on all images.
Build for low impact on tablets and laptops. No designated folders as in you need to copy first to hd ssd, just directly from sd and export to external drive.

You could easy make a setup choice so you can install as normal or mobile , because you have 3 installs.

You can do that w/ PL also. I routinely use that to process groups of images that I’ve identified using IMatch as my DAM. Saves lots of clutter in PL.

I don’t understand your point. Do you expect different products to look exactly the same yet provide different features? And if you were thinking of a common base for the UI then customization per product, in theory… yes. In practice a lot is different between products so no so much to share.


Is anyone else getting a magenta color cast in the highlights when reducing highlights in their chosen RAW developer using PureRAW? I’ve tried Affintiy Photo and Darktable with my Olympus Raw files and my whites in the highlights turn a violet magenta color when turning down the slider.

The same images rendered in CO with hardware acceleration turned off:

I ran into a strange issue: Sometimes (not always) I see horizontal or vertical negative lines when rendering a DNG file produced by PureRAW with Capture One. When I turn off lens correction in PureRAW (only leaving DeepPRIME on), the problem seems to vanish. Strangely, the line isn’t visible in the preview in Capture One, but only in the rendered image. Turning off hardware acceleration removes it.

Screenshot (images rendered in CO with hardware acceleration turned on; left with, right without lens correction):

Dear dev´s. As a Lightroom + Topaz user: The dng files from tested trial are not that bad. A fast one-click optimisation prior the Lightroom / Photoshop workflow has some charme. BUT: The developed result don´t fit to my eyes imho nor to many others. Too individual are the needs. In my opinion the results are oversharpened and the denoising ist too strong.

In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary to have an option to regulate sharpness and denoising. Currently the results look like a cheap jpg out of cam.


Doesn’t work with Sony A1 Raws :frowning:

I totally agree. It would be great to have the option to tune sharpening and denoising in the preferences (with the possibility to override these global settings individually). Also I would like to see the option to turn off distortion correction for some lenses without affecting the rest of the lens corrections. E.g. I own a fisheye lens which I normally do not want to be de-fished, but turning off distortion correction for this lens also turns off sharpening, CA correction and vignetting correction.

Frank & Eddy - - For ultimate flexibility in configuring DxO’s lens corrections and DeepPRIME rendering; see DxO PhotoLab.

John M

Agreed. Some of my files come out with artifacts

Dear John, I dont´need PL4, I´m Adobe & Topaz User and don´t like to change a runnig system. PureRAW as an additional ( one click ) option… why not. But please not zero customizable. Finetuning of lens sharpness, usm and noise luminance are at least indispensable.

I wasn’t suggesting you drop all your other tools and switch to PhotoLab, Eddy - - You could use PL exactly as you’re using PureRAW - but with complete customisability … and export to Adobe.


Sounds sensible - if you like PR’s output files. I find them to look slightly over-processed, and PR offers no obvious way of tuning its customizing parameters.

I guess it would be great if PureRaw at least allowed the changing of some basic parameters for those of us who do not want to buy a full raw converter with all the bells and whistles and still want to tune the few corrections PureRaw does to their liking. This would make PureRaw much more appealing imho without cutting into DXO’s PhotoLab sales.

There is no way to vote yet, but you could add to this thread:

What I would better understand though is this narrative: “I presently have DxO PL, but I mainly use it for demosaicing + optics corrections + NR. Since DxO has released PureRaw, I won’t buy DxO PL Elite 5 in the future, I’ll just buy PureRaw 2 instead”.

Hmm, it would seem the case except for those who shoot with lenses without contacts for PureRAW needs a lens profile to work effectively?.. best i give the free trial a go :wink:

Update: Initial thoughts on the trial… i like it :slight_smile: For a run and gun workflow this software has its strengths. I can rest assure images have the basic corrections covered allowing time spent to focus on colouring and such. Hmm more promising than originally thought, see how this stands at the end of the trial period.

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Hello Jon, hello everybody,

We hope you enjoy the software.
Unfortunately, the fact that you can import in DxO PureRAW a file from Fujifilm X-T2 with X-Trans is a bug and the result is nowhere near what we can achieve with supported cameras and lenses.
Please note that this bug is also applicable for Fujifilm X-E2 files.
You can find the complete list of supported equipment here : https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/supported-cameras/

Thanks for your feedback.

DxO Staff

I also found out that the result from the processing was not good at all. Obviously a bug that allowed me to import and process the RAW file.

I’d see this PureRAW party trick (keep your existing software/workflow, improve your output from RAW), as almost entirely a marketing effort to attract more attention and users to the DxO brand. As I’m almost 100% Photolab these days for image processing, starting with all the AI tools turned off except a custom colour profile, I can’t imagine using PureRAW myself and will not buy it (normally I buy all updates for all DxO software), as I don’t like the excessive Photolab defaults (impressive at first glance but very contrived) and I no longer use other RAW developers.

As a marketing effort, I salute the idea though.