DXO PureRaw 2 on GFX and GF lenses shrink the dimensions of raw

I use Fujifilm GFX 100s with GF 50/3.5 and took raw file. The original RAF raw files are 102MP (11648 x 8736), but after processed by PureRaw 2, all the dng files are 9552 x 6368, looks like 60MP of the 35 mode of camera is enable. The PR2 download the profile for the GF50 lenses correctly, and I enable DeepPRIME and all default DxO optical corrections.

I had checked the camera setting and the 35 mode is not enabled.

I had try my 35mm lenses (Tamron 85mm f/1.8 VC) with adaptor on my GFX 100s, and both RAF and DNG by PR2 is 102MP.

I think PR2 not process them correctly. If needed, I can provide the RAF and DNG sample. Please check the scenario and give feedback. Thanks.

Tried PureRAW and PhotoLab with two GFX 100S files from dpreview.com and the resulting image dimensions were the same as the original files’, give or take a pixel or two.

Note: The extra width is caused by my “unconstrained” crop of the images in PhotoLab (distortion correction stretches images a bit, depending on how good the lens was)