DXO PL6 wrong color in the DNG exported to LR

Hi all,
I found very stange behaviour. Test scenario:

  1. In LR proceed automaticaly development and add mask to the heaven. Some small chenges of WB, lights and dehaze.
  2. Open Image in PL and choose DeepPrime, no XD. Export inot DNG, only denoise and oprtical corrections.
  3. Import image into LR and copy settings from LR developed image to the DNG.

Please see two screen shots of comparation of original ORF and DNG, both with same development settings. One DNG is produced by PL5 (looks OK), second from PL6 - very strange.
Is it a bug or I do somethong wrong?

BR, Leo

Which working color space did you select in PL6? Legacy or DxO Wide Gamut?

See here for an ongoing exploration:

Explain the DNG color differences between dxo5 (legacy) and dxo6 (wide gamut) - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

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The short story : there is a (quite noticable ) difference in the exported DNG if 'wide gamut ’ is selected. Specially with ‘all corrections’ mode.

Where te ‘legacy gamut’ seems to leave the data in the DNG (almost) the same as the original camera (so program s like Lightroom can show good colors ), the ‘wide gamut’ option changes this, so the colors turn out different.

If this is a bug or not, or expected behaviour or whatever is still unclear :). I have an official support ticket open where i explained and demonstrated the differences in the 4 different DNG modes (all corrections / optical and denoise only, and legacy gamut / wide gamut ).

They’ve taken it to the technical guys to see if this is intended or not .

I adviced that if it is NOT intended , the gamut option is ignored and always used as legacy when exporting DNG (but not for the other formats ).
If it IS intended, i would like to know how to use those files, since most external programs don’t understand what happened to the color space in it (or whatever happened ).

For now, set the gamut to legacy when exporting DNG.

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In the legacy works. But why it has an influence? Is DNG already linked to Color Space? If yes - I can convert direct in TIF? Or I missing something?

We don’t know.
I’m with you (i think) , in that it shouldn’t have any influence in DNG.

But we have no official answer from DxO, and my support ticket is still open.

In the time , export DNG with legacy. Export jpg/tiff how you want .

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I was wondering about it for a while too but figured it out. When you pass a RAW image to PL, all adjustments you did in LR are meaningless…PL is seeing only the raw data. And it’s reading the camera´s profile, not any profile you may have applied in LR. Work your file to your taste in PL, including using the wide gamut profile. Send a DNG it back to LR with all corrections applied, and in LR apply the default camera profile , in my case Fuji Provia Standard…voila! They look the same…