DxO PL6 - DeepPrime / DeepPrimeXP - LensSharpness not applied on export?

playing around with PL6 and DeepPrimeXP. Windows 10 with Nvidia GTX1060-6G.

I noticed that when using the same settings in PL6 than I did in PL5 (just opening the same image I edited in PL5 in PL6), the output looks noticeably softer (both in DeepPrime and DeepPrimeXP).

After some testing I found out that LensSharpness is NOT applied during the export:
I can set LensSharpness to +3 and see no difference in output to 0.
In the small Preview Box within PL6 ths LensSharpness is adjusted correctly.

It might be limited to Olympus OM-1 files only.
When doing a quick test with Olympus EM1.3 here the LensSharpness is applied correctly during export.

I guess there was something buggy with the PL6 session I had open:
After restarting PL6 exporting the same image with same settings again exports it with active LensSharpness. It also looks like Distortion correction was also not applied on the export before…

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