DXO Photolab 5 Local Adjustments selection does not appear to work correctly

If I paint an area for the local adjustment and then unpaint the area with a lower opacity the adjustment seems to be applied to the original area.

For example paint an area with 100% opacity and then unpaint a portion(press CTRL) with the opacity set to 90%. The portion that has been unpainted looks the same as the original area.

This behaviour does not seem to be the same as it was in PL4

Yes that is the way it works. It is exactly the way it was in PL4 except for the addition of Control Lines and the Chroma/Luma sliders.

Lowering the opacity of a mask just makes the mask more transparent, and as a result you will see what is beneath it. You can’t unpaint a portion of one mask using another mask with lowered opacity. Erasing parts of a mask differs depending on the type of local adjustment. To delete parts of a control line or control point mask you need to use negative control lines and negative control points. To delete parts of the others LA masks you can use the LA eraser tool.Not sure how the CTRL key would be used in this situation. Did you mean the Alt key? The Alt key is used to create negative control line and control points in the Windows version.

Mark .

Sorry yes OPTION or ALT key (macOS) - causes the paintbrush to become white and appears to erase the previously painted areas. I assume this is the eraser.

I am not creating another mask. It is all the same mask, it’s just that the erased area, if that’s what it is, is showing the same adjustment as it does prior to the erasing.


I guess this must be an intermittent bug because after restarting PL5 it is now behaving correctly again !!

UPDATE: This is definitely a bug as adding to a mask often results in the added area not showing the same adjustment as the original area. I find I have to delete the mask and start again because restarting PL5 does not result in correct rendering of the local adjustment.

I would like to clarify one way I can guarantee of showing this problem.

If I paint a mask and then make the selection blurred, there is no problem when adding to the mask.

What does cause a problem is using the eraser and then trying to repaint an area or add to the selection after the eraser has been used; in which case, the repainted mask doesn’t adopt the blur that applies to the rest of the mask.

Can anyone else confirm this?

I have a similar problem. I can’t “add” a mask to existing painted mask (see similar topic PL5 Automask cannot repaint over previously used Eraser - #8 by Solivac). Moreover if you click on “reset” icon of adjustments on the mask, the image is somehow “jamed”… PL5 needs quick hotfix to address these problems as it is quite unusable.

This has already been noted and a fix is on its way. In the meantime, if this happens, a simple fix is to adjust the Vibrance manually to something then return it to 0 with either the mouse or the up/down arrow keys.

Good news, if update is on the way.

as in PL5 Automask cannot repaint over previously used Eraser - #5 by Solivac already tested
– a Mac problem only

Probably yes, I’m on Mac.

Seems to be fixed in 5.0.1

I thought it had been solved with PL 5.0.2, I was too trustful! Once again, after going fast and double clicking on local settings corrections, I got this kind of image

Sorry! It’s not 5.0.2 working as I got this message (see attached picture)Capture d’écran 2021-12-02 à 22.20.14

Hi Joanna,

I have just tested your scenario on Windows and I do not have any problems so it looks like a Mac problem.

I’m sorry, I did post elsewhere that this seems to be resolved in 5.0.2 on Mac, but obviously omitted to say so here.