DxO ONE - RAW w-no jpg?

(Sam Asher) #1

New user of DxO ONE here. Is it possible to photograph creating just a RAW (.dng) file and NO JPG at all?


(Kevin FitzGerald) #2

Most people using DxO just use RAW files to get the best from the photograph. Jpeg will not utilise some of the functions available.

(Mark) #3

I think he’s referring to the DXO ONE camera, not PhotoLab, He does indicate he’s a new user of that discontinued product so maybe he got the product name wrong.


(Sam Asher) #4

I should have been more specific. Yes, I am a new owner of a DxO ONE camera. The question relates to a DxO ONE camera. I would like the DxO ONE camera to take and save a photograph in the RAW (.dng) format and NOT a .jpg. I simply wondered if it is possible to make the DxO ONE camera save the RAW photograph and NOT save the .jpg. I hope my question is clear now. Thank you.

(Mark) #5

I am not a DXO ONE owner so I can’t help with your question, but I hope you are aware that production of the DXO ONE camera was discontinued over a year ago. I’m sure you’ll get a response to your question here, however support for that device, in general, may be a bit sparse.


(KD) #6

I looked for the same thing and the choices appear to be jpg only or raw + jpg, I just delete the jpg shots after downloading photo’s. I highly recommend using Super Raw where possible, it’s fantastic!