DxO Labs news in dpreview.com

Dpreview published something on their site, see this link to the article:

Can anyone from DxO comment on it here please?

I don’t think there will be a comment here. This is a public forum and there hasn’t been any public comment yet. Many sites have asked.

CanonRumors has correctly reproduced the initial information from the french forum Chasseur d’images.
DPR did not understand it and therefore exaggerated.
DxO has started a bankruptcy recovery process (procédure de redressement judiciaire) that has been brought to court by suppliers.
A administrator has been appointed to spread the debt.
A forum “colleague” compares this procedure to American chapter 11.

According to the French experience, this procedure saves companies.
My feeling is that DxO will live despite a financially fragile situation.


I’m sure we’re all hoping for this to be the case … while I also feel for “our” team of PL developers/supporters, for whom this must be worrying news.

I share @Pieloe’s optimism tho - PL is far too much of an excellent product for it to be lost.

John M

This is starting to get wider reportage … such as here (tomstirrphotography.com)

I appreciate that DxO Labs may not be able to say too much about this (perhaps for legal reasons??) … but it would help to clarify matters, if that’s at all possible, before too many wild rumours take hold.

Regards, John M

Did you see that?:


Or do you expect further information ?

Many thanks, @Asser … No, I had not seen that … and, Yes - that it is precisely the clarification that I was hoping to see from DxO … it’s very reassuring.

John M