DxO Advanced Search

Oh man oh man oh man oh man. The DXO advanced search is still broken for windows. I was so very hopeful that by this time that advance search would be working. But I guess when MAC is your only source of money that is where you are going to go.

The advanced search history is completely clearing out when you close the app and then relaunch it.
Does anyone know when or if this will be fixed for WINDOWS user? (I put windows in caps to emphasize the OS that the software is being ran)

I have been a DxO user over 8 years now. It is an amazing piece of software. But if this does not get fixed and DxO only drools over mac users, well than I am going to be on my way and will be asking for a refund on the photolaps 6.

Thanks for your responses and time.

Believe me, Mac users have all sorts of problems as well.

That could be harder than you think. DxO do offer a 30 day free trial - something that is well worth considering before making the jump to a new version.

There’s no bias on DxO’s part toward MacOS. There are lots of differences between the versions, some favor Mac some favor Win. I sympathize with you as I’d love to see the Advanced History made permanent across sessions also, but It’s not enough for me to give up all the great features of PL6 over one small issue.

The reality is the searching options really need to be upgraded.

I was a little disappointed to see PL6 image filtering didn’t get stronger. Hopefully this becomes an area where they can improve.

The existing filter list is okay, except it’s very long now with the color tags. It’s time for an interface change. Perhaps a set of expandable items in the left column under the metadata where we can select and deselect cameras, lenses, apertures, focal lengths, ISO values etc…

I’d love to be able to, as a start, select all images with focal length less than 35mm and set volume deformation and all images between iso 80-6400 and select DeepPRIME XD for instance.


Not for me it doesn’t. These are two simple examples. But I often want to make adjustments or find specific images based on camera body or lens. I’m ok for those that want smart presets. I have no objection.

But I want real filtering tools. The search doesn’t cut it, and even if the issues were fixed it wouldn’t cut it.

As this problem carries over from PL5 and concerns something present on Mac but missing on Windows, we can only hope that it gets resolved in a minor update to PL6. Besides, there is now a long list of differences between Mac and Win. At some point they will want to make that list smaller.

This is where having a Mac is so useful. The Spotlight search engine automatically and continuously indexes files on all sorts of metadata and can be used to search for ranges as well as precise values. Then just double-click on a file to open it in PhotoLab.


That may work fine for individual files but if I want to filter in PL to apply different corrections to different image then lens, then this doesn’t work.

Anyway I think better filter options would help many users though certainly not all.

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