Drop LZW compression for 16-bit TIFF files


For some plugins, the Nik Collection documentation mentions the possibility of exporting compressed TIFF files. The compression method is LZW or ZIP. The documentation should mention that using LZW for 16-bit TIFF files almost always results in files that are significantly bigger than the original or that have the same size as the original. Actually, the LZW option should not be made available for 16-bit files. Only ZIP compression should be used.

Hi there,
I’d just like to point out that ZIP compression is way slower and sometimes you may prefer a much faster/fluid workflow instead of a smaller file…

Well, in that case, just don’t compress, it’ll be even faster :innocent: .

My point is to make users aware that LZW compression applied to 16-bit TIFF files is just a loss of time and of disk space. If the documentation and the software behavior could notify them automatically or even prevent them to do so, it would be a good thing.