DPL 5 stopped processing files with certain body/lens combo

As of today, DPL 5 stopped processing an image that never gave any problems so far.
DPL4 processes the image in question without issues.

You’ll find the image(s) on your server under my forum name.
Here’s the message I got:

Note: DPL exports the imag(s) without issue.

Tested some more and found that all files exported as expected, when I

  1. open DPL 5.1 and export images, then point DPL to an empty folder and quit DPL…
  2. open DPL 5.2 and export images, then point DPL to an empty folder and quit DPL…

On the other hand, when I change the preset and undo it, the “offending” file does not export.

This means to me that the issue is not caused by export, but by the application of the preset.
Note the it does NOT matter, which preset I use.

DPL 5.3? Interesting :wink:

Copy paste error, was a different subversion. But this does not matter, the bug came in somewhere after DPL 5.1.


  • DPL is working as expected
  • DPL is exposing the issue already, I also noticed that progress with rendering thumbnails pauses for a few seconds at the image in question, before rendering the remaining images. No warning or comment is given though. Can’t see any obvious logs or loge entries too.
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Attn @Musashi : DPL does NOT fix this issue.

Hi @platypus,

I’m referring this issue to the team,

Best regards

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I checked it and was able to reproduce it. It’s being taken care of with another team, so we’ll ping back when there’s news on that.
It seems like it’s linked to the lens field in the EXIF that may have issues.

…that’s what I thought too. The lens ID is unknown to the firmware of the camera,
but up to DPL 5.1.3, PhotoLab was able to work with the file without any issue.

att. @kettch: ran another test with that file and was able to export as DNG with DPL 5 on macOS Monterey on Apple Silicon MacBook Air 2020. Other tests on the iMac have shown that JPEG and TIFF export does not work, DNG does - and I just found out that it’s probably because the corrections are NOT applied to exported files here!