Does PL4 appl lens corrections to a photo to which thay have alreay been applied

If i edit a raw file in PL4 and lens corrections are applied, then I save it as a tiff file and do further editing in, say, PS Elements, then continue with PL, will PL apply the lens corrections again or would it know that they have already been applied?
Many thanks!

A tiff-file is a ‘finished’ file with baked-in lens correction / sharpening and color rendition (WB).

To check yourself, switch on “Active corrections”
Screen Shot 03-16-21 at 10.17 AM
Nothing new is applied.

In PhotoLab if you go into Preferences from the Edit menu, in the General tab, under correction settings, you can set which presets are used for raw and RGB images.

For raw it’s probably set to DXO Standard. For RGB mine is set to No Correction. As a result only raw images will have lens corrections applied. However, if you open a tiff or jpeg file for which lens distortion has not been applied, you will have to add it yourself, either by applying a preset which sets those features on or by setting the controls for lens distortion manually.