Does anyone use the DxO One on their iPhone?

I’m in the market to replace a Sony RX100 MIII (after it died), I’ve been trying to use the iPhone camera, but it doesn’t do what I’d hoped it would do. I was looking at getting a iPhone 7+ for the better camera, but it’s still not quite what I’m looking for.

I’m willing to sacrifice some of what I want in order for more portability and this DxO One is pretty impressive. However here in Taiwan it’s as expensive as the Sony RX100 m3 or even m4, so what do you guys think?

You could check the DxO Mark sensor database and see what qualities you can get from a camera and for what money. The DxO One has been discontinued a while ago and it might be an idea not to invest in it.

Dpreview has some comments too, e.g. in this comparison.