Does Anyone Know How to Stop The Annoying Update Prompts from NIK collection?

I am getting to the point where I am about to part ways with NIK collection permanently. As much as I love some of the plugins the way they conduct business is horrible They do not answer support questions; NIK 4 is a buggy nightmare that is a half-ass upgrade to begin with; all your past license info is deleted from your account; I have to reinstall NIK 3 because NIK 4 does not work properly and now I have to bothered by prompts reminding me to upgrade. Anyone know how to stop the prompts permanently?

Simple trick, open one of the nik plugin as standalone first thing when you sit behind your computer, the popup shows up faster this way.

If, and would be nice, having an option in the setting to disable check for update on startup!!!

*edit, there’s no permanent fixed, I did ask at every Nik updates.

Just checking: are you asking for support here or at Opening tickets at the support site is the way to go for bugs and licensing/sales issues. But you can count on the participation of fellow customers here - and occasionally members of the development team. Sorry there’s no ideal solution for the upgrade prompts. It’s my understanding that they will stop after about 30 days, though.

Are you kidding? That would be like – let’s just say – “Support”.