Discount for update

I purchased PL5 on 5 Aug 2022. I want to upgrade to the newest version and it wants $99 for the update. It should be free or discounted. What do you think?

You are among the unfortunate few who buy PhotoLab shortly before the latest version is released every October. To get a free upgrade to PhotoLab 6 you would have to had purchased it no more than a month before its release date. Unfortunately you purchased it around it two weeks earlier than that cutoff. I personably believe the free upgrade period should be expanded by at least an extra month. but that is unlikely to happen. As a result you were being asked to pay the normal upgrade price.


Buying DxO software is exactly like buying a camera. DxO isn’t like some other vendors that sell customers a year of free upgrades. That isn’t what you paid for. What you were sold is a whole product with a classic as-is warranty. It gets updated for a limited time. It’s bad timing only if you want to always have the latest and greatest, as PL5 had been out for 10 months when you purchased it.

You could look at it this way: months from now, PL6 will be further refined and mature, and you’ll know when to expect its successor. Plus, if you can be patient there might be a big sale around Black Friday.

Unfortunately there has got to be a cut off date at some point and its frustrating if you are just outside it. That’s why its always worth doing some research first - its not a secret that a new version comes out every October, but like Greg says wait for a sale.

oh well…I’ll wait n see how much improvement to PL6. Thanks for the replies.

Keep in mind that you will (unless DxO change their sales model) be able to get PL7 at the £89/$99 upgrade if you decide PL6 can wait.

I appreciate that does nothing right now but I think it’s pretty fair they basically allow you to skip a release and still save on the one after.