Disable update screen at startup?

Is there any way to keep the software from asking me to update when I first start it? I am using the plugin for Photoshop and 50% of the time it crashes photoshop because it is in a window that I can’t see or hit the update later button. Very frustrating when the update is a paid update as well and I just want to process a photo quickly! Thanks -Eric


I’ve asked for that before, yes it is really frustrating, more than annoying.
Best way around is open one of the Nik stand alone eg: color efex before you start any editing. I’m now doing that every morning when unlocking my computer.

I’d like to know which file to open and replace the code that look for updates.

this was the last I made:

Sounds like an option such as “Don’t ask me again” might be a simple solution … @StevenL

John M

If you are on Mac, you can install Little Snitch and disable connections to the update server. It’s possible to turn them on when you want to check for updates. I recommend this as it’s faster than waiting for help from DxO. Little Snitch comes in very handy with all kinds of nosy developers and developers who don’t allow a user to disable update checking (fortunately still a minority).

Wouldn’t that leave Nik in a loop for searching and preventing it from actually starting?

Of course not. If a computer is offline, software should still be able to start up. If DxO has taken steps to ensure we can’t use our computers offline, they’d leapfrog even Adobe in user-abuse.