Dialog Button HI Quirk

Something has been bothering me for a while and I’ve decided to finally post it here. The thing I’ll describe is visible in PhotoLab versions 2 and 3 on macOS Mojave (current) on iMac 2019,1.

When I select all images of a folder and ask DPL to export sidecars, I get the a dialog box asking for specific decisions, so far so good.

When I take a closer look at the box, the following items seem illogical

  1. The box names one sidecar file, while all images were selected
  2. The sidecar file name relates to an image that I have not edited in the current session
  3. The sidecar file name is from a seemingly random file, it’s not necessarily the first or last of the set
  4. Both the YES and NO buttons are highlighted, which one will react on ENTER?
  5. The button highlight differs when I take the screenshot from different users: The above shot was taken while I ran DPL in an admin user, in a standard user, the dialog only highlights the YES button

Presumably this export option is there for those who normally rely on the database only, but then want to transfer files, with their .dops to another disc.

Possibly the better option would be for DxO to detect whether the .dop files already exist (as in a user who doesn’t rely on the database) and grey out the menu option for such a selection?

@Joanna, when I set DPL to export sidecars automatically and then export through the respective menu item, I get exactly the same dialog behavior.

I’d expect a dialog saying something like “the sidecar files already exist. Do you want to overwrite?” All it takes then are two buttons, and I’d let DxO decide which button should have the highlight.

From Apple HI guidelines:

Indeed. My point is that the menu item itself should be disabled if .dop files already exist, whichever option you choose.

Now I see, I didn’t get your proposal. Sorry for the inconvenience.