Description/caption metadata missing in action

Howdy all. My first post here.
I’ve recently been trying out Photomechanic Plus. So far so good.

In PL4, I have ticked in preferences “Preserve metadata in XMP sidecars for RAW images.”

I added some metadata, in Photomechanic, to some photos. I then set PL4 as my editor for the purposes of Photomechanic, and opened a photo (RAW .CR2 file shot on a Canon 80D) in PL4 for editing. I made some minor edits for the purpose of testing, and did another edit on a separate photo (also RAW) by simply applying the DXO standard correction.

I exported both photos out of PL4 as a JPEG, 100% quality (“JPEG for tablet or HDTV” at 100% quality, leaving, inter alia, the “Remove EXIF data” box unticked).

I then open those outputted JPEG photos in Photomechanic to check if the various metadata fields have carried across in the PL4 export.

The answer is: most of those data fields have carried across to the single output JPEG file (it looks like the metadata is burnt into the JPEG file itself rather than any extraneous .XMP file being created for the JPEG), but my fundamental issue is this: in both cases the “description/caption” field (arguably the most important field) has not carried across on export out of PL4 to the JPEG file.

I do not know why this is happening. It’s concerning, because I don’t want to, for example, batch process 400 files in PL4 only to discover - when I look at the file in 10 years’ time - that the “description/caption” is missing such that I don’t know what the photo was about or where it was taken.

Grateful for any thoughts you may have…


Hi, @Antoine , and welcome! I believe the problem you are describing is also mentioned here:

It’s a request for a feature that isn’t yet supported in PhotoLab. You can add your vote to this feature request by clicking on the Vote button at the top of the topic.

Many thanks for the response Egregius. Well then, that explains it.
I have now added my vote to the request.
Thanks again.