Deletion of Original Nik Efex Software by DxO & Refusal to Accept Responsibility


Thanks for your input Mark,

I went through the DxO installation process again, specificly to check for warnings & could find none.



Hi Mike,

What is AP? I don’t fully understand the ramifications of what you’re explaining.

I found the DxO version saved images & rendered textures much slower for me, so I wanted the original version I had restoring.

(Jim) #23

There is another problem with the Google (32 bit) and DxO (64 bit) versions of NIK.

I’m running a 32 bit host (PS3) with the Google NIK. I get pop-ups offering to upgrade to the DxO version. If you’ve been following this thread, you know what will happen.


The copy helpfully supplied by shackcf (above) is the 64 bit version and doesn’t appear to have the nag screen.

I installed the latest DxO version on trial, but with the amount I actually use the various components and the fact that it is not that different from earlier free versions, I removed it and put back the free version using the link above.

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AP = Affinity Photo
To run it as plugin you select the plugin folder of Nik, so instead of pointing out the DxO plugin folder just use the old Google Nik plugin folder