Delays in adding modules for new cameras and lenses

How long would you need a loan of a Leica SL2, Q2 or CL?
If the time is short, perhaps some of the members of the forum may interested in helping to move the ball forward.

I would be among those willing to help.


Thank you so much for the news, this is wonderful! Best wishes, Joan

Hello @scroy,

Support of Leica Q2 will be added in about 2 weeks.
When w borrow a camera from a user we usually keep it 2 weeks but we prefer to really use that way only when I can’t do otherwise, so we are still in discussion with Leica.


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Can I just add my request for Fujifilm cameras to be added. The X-T3 has been out for over a year now the X-T4 is just about to be released. The support for Fuji is abysmal with only 11 cameras on the list and most of those are old models.

Hi John Welcome on this forum

… even though we cannnot help you :frowning:

…for now, anyway. It’s anticipated that support will be added eventually: Fuji X Trans

Hi @John92

As @pieloe just mentionned, sending you the link to some good reads and explanations, we’re still not supporting X-Trans sensors,
We love Fuji, and X-Trans models are indeed awesome cameras, but yet, they require some specific development that lead to a huge workload on our side, as our software and algorythms architecture were solely based on Bayer sensors.

So it has been a complete no-go since this Fuji technology appeared, but, over the last year and with our recent work and development, it surprisingly became something that could be in our reach.

Not to say this will be done over night, but at least now, we can surely expect to have a version of PhotoLab, in the incoming years, that will handle X-trans cameras… :slight_smile:

And this to me, is a good news, (even if it won’t be tomorrow!) :smiley:

Best regards,


Hello, Marie,

I own a Leica SL2 camera. I also own all three of the Leica SL zoom lenses for that camera: 16-35/3.5-4.5; 24-90/2.8-4; and 90-280/2.8-4, as well as more than a dozen 6-bit-coded Leica M-mount lenses (and the requisite Leica “M-Adapter L” which allows Leica M-mount lenses to be mounted on the SL/SL2 camera).

I am willing to lend a hand and discuss loaning my camera and lenses to DXO so that you may create profiles for each item, and in so doing, better serve your many software users who are desperately pleading (or just patiently waiting) for Leica camera and lens support.

If DXO is serious about developing support for the latest Leica cameras and lenses in a timely fashion, I can personally provide you (DXO) with my Leica SL2 camera and each of the 15+ Leica SL and M lenses that I listed above, without delay. Everything can be on its way to you tomorrow. Call or email me if you’d like to move forward. I’m sure MANY of your current software users (as well as MANY prospective users like myself) would be extremely appreciative if you did…

Kindly awaiting your reply,



Hello @Tinbird,

thanks a lot for your proposition. We occasionally use loans from users to add some cameras or lens support. I’ve sent you a private message about it.
Please remind we are in France and like a lot of countries we are in confinement and so for the moment such loans aren’t possible as we won’t be able to do the shots. We will have to wait at least for a month but we can discuss it in messages.


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Hi Marie, Any update on when support for the Olympus TG6 will appear? Thanks, Joan

Hello @JoanKauai ,

Support of TG-6 will be released in June. has been updated a few weeks ago with cameras we will release at that time.


Thanks so much. That is exciting! Sincerely, Joan

Marie, I have a Leica M Monochrom (first version). Is there any hope of getting support for this camera (same with later two Monochroms…M246 and M10 Monochrom)? I’m considering moving from Lightroom to DXO, but lack of camera support will nix that.

Hello @JeffS,

I’m sorry I have to tell you we don’t plan to support monochrom sensor in a short or mid-term.


Marie, that’s unfortunate. The software looks promising, but as the saying goes, “Besides that, how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?”

Just curious, as I’ve also used the Leica SL2 for the last 6 months, what’s the anticipated time frame for its support?


Hello @JeffS,

I’m sorry I hhad to disapoint you.
For the Leica SL2, it’s in our roadmap but the time frame is always tricky with Leica because we have troubles to put our hands on the cameras so I can’t answer to that.


Any update on supporting the SL2?

For me, it would be great if Photolab would just be able to open the DNG file without camera/lens support. That would at least make the program useable.

@Marie is there an update on this?

Any news on the chances for SL2 and SL2-s support ?
I am quite considering in these cameras now and would like to see how my workflow can work if I get either.

Is there any update on the Leica SL? PureRAW looks interesting, but pretty useless to me without SL2 support. Same with PhotoLab, to go close to two years without support makes the software useless to my workflow now, shame, it was working well with my previous camera