Deep Prime vs Topaz Photo AI

The installer only installed the stand-alone version. Nothing was actually installed into PhotoLab. The license you paid for is what made the hidden embedded features in PhotoLab become visible and available.


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I think that they could add 3-5 of the NIK filters each year as part of the new version. They have the NIK code.

There are a few hundred Nik filters in all the various modules. At three to five filters per year, it would probably take over 50 years to include them all! Which three to five filters would you like them to start with, and how useful these three to five filters really be when separated from the rest of the Nik functionality?

In the meantime you would have a weird hybrid mix of features. DxO would not be able to remove those filters from the Nik collection while adding them to PhotoLab which means they would be in two places. There would be significant other design and workflow issues as well, but, I don’t think it’s worth breaking them all down at this point.