Dear DXO Staff, when can we use Photolab 5 for Sony ARW-files from A7 IV too?

Agree! I don’t see that either.

If there is somebody who wants to try a working macro that changes one camera version code with another in the HEX Editor “HxD”, I have a working makro now for the macro recorder named just “Macro Recorder”. The free version has a limitation at 10 files at the time but you have just to wait a few seconds to run it again or pay yhe price for the full version. The macro is resonably fast if you empty the check boxes as in the dump below.

Macro_5 (1.2 KB)

Make sure the first row of the script is selected when you start.

The only thing you need to do before you start is placing the HEX editors window in the upper left corner of your screen and open the HEX Editor HxD:s “Replace”-dialog and type in the values of the camera codes (look in one of the respective files) in the editor first so you get it right.

Then place the open Macro Recorder -window to the right of the Editor, import the macro file and open the paly back window and fill in the speed and repeat values before testing running the macro. Start with a small sample of say five files in a separate folder first.

You might have to change the mouse positions x - y numbers in the Macro Recorder if it doesn´t work for you since it´s relative. The position of the “Mouse left click” shall be in the middle of the “Replace all” button in the “Replace”-pop up dialog.

I have tested it myself on about 70-80 files yesterday that I switched from ILCE-7M4 to ILCE-7M3 several times back and forward to optimize the script and clear it from wait states of different kind. Than I processed the images converted to ILCE-7M3 and it worked fine for me. The experince developing didn’t differ anything to developing ordinary files from my A7 III.

It ought to work with any kind of RAW that isn’t encrypted.

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When it comes to the restrictions we have been talking about in Photolab when it comes to not reading non supported RAW-files this is kind of strange, isn’t it?

If I understood this right Photolab is in this case referring to another camera than the one the images are taken with.

Reading what DXO:s @Marie is writing in the other tread I linked to made me totally confused. I just can’t understand why I can’t open an “unsupported” fileformat like an ARW from my A7IV or Nikon Z9-RAW when you are allowed for example to select an A7III-file color rendering for say an A7II ARW.

I can’t even imagine how you possibly will be able to explain this for me when it’s not even possible for me to open an A7IV RAW. This is really getting more and more weird.

It’s really late now so I guess I’m too tired too.

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Hi, today is already 24th March. Still no sign. I wonder why it is so difficult to add a new camera model. The A7iv has been out since last year. Really disappointed.

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It will come with the V5.2 probably next week


It is really high time now! Tomorrow is April 1st, meaning Q2 of 2022. Then, why is the promised update v5.2 that will include also Sony A7 IV in DxO PhotoLab still missing? It should be published by now, according to the best informed people. This is not only one of today's absolute top mirrorless cameras, it is actually one of the most advanced consumer cameras available, also very useful for professionals that do not like to spend a fortune on the most expensive equipments if not necessary.

Every A7 IV body sent out in this time of semi-conductor shortage gets immediately bought by eagerly waiting photo enthusiasts. In this situation it is incredible that the inclusion of some and new easily added data into PL has become such a long-lasting story of waiting and torn hair. Please, come on now!

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As a result of last minute changes to PL 5.2 the release was recently rescheduled for April. Based on my understanding, it will likely be in early April. My guess, and it’s only an educated guess, is that it might be available as early ss next Wednesday. But, of course, it could be later.


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Release of PhotoLab 5.2 was done on April 7th, sorry for the delay, support of Sony A7 IV is part of it.


Thank you Marie. I have installed and tested it and it seems to work now.