Customer Service

Customer service at this company is the absolute worst that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I purchased DXO PureRaw on Mar 8th and it quit working a week later. I have no idea why and obviously they don’t know why either.Since then Riley, their customer service keeps telling me to be patient or arguing that I don’t live in Pacific Standard Time, that I live in PDt instead of resolving the problem. It’s been over 21/2 months and I want my money back. Absolutely deplorable customer service.

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Sorry, we have no influence on customer support in this forum. We might be able to help though, if you can provide details about your installation.

  • Hardware
  • Operating system version
  • Graphics card
  • Where you keep your image files
  • Steps you take until PR “quits”

I am not familiar with RIley. All their support is in Europe, mostly in France, so I have no idea why anyone should suggest that not living in Pacific Standard Time would have any bearing on getting support. Did you create a support ticket at