Current Price

I was looking at buying PL2 for the sale price shown on the website - £130 down from £169. But when I add it to my basket it goes back to the full price of £169. So which is correct?

I would contact support on this.

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Thanks. I will speak to support about the problem, but I was just asking if it is meant to be on sale at the moment, or has the sale ended and the site hasn’t been correctly updated?

Hello Darrell,

At time of writing, the deal has 4 days to run … This is for the Nik Collection 2 - which includes PL2.

Regards, John M

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Thanks, I thought it would run till the end of the month. I didn’t see the countdown banner has you have to go to the main DXO page to see it.

I tried yesterday and earlier today and it didn’t work. I’ve now just tried again and it’s correctly applying the discount, so may be support found something wrong.