Culling With PhotoMechanic

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I am new to DXO and would like to maintain my current workflow which is the following.

Import,rate, tag etc… using PhotoMechanic
Export images to raw editor

When I do the culling in PhotoMechanic and export to DXO I have noticed the following:

DXO does not see the color codes, I’ve Applied
DXO does see the star ratings
All of the files from the folder are dumped into DXO and not just the ones I selected for the export from PM.

Does anyone else use PhotoMechanic for there front end culling? If so, are you able to apply some settings that will accomplish the following?

Allow DXO to see the color codes applied in PhotoMechanic
Prevent DXO from importing all files in the folder that were not selected in PhotoMechanic .

I am using the windows version of PM and DXO.

Thanks for any assistance.


To avoid opening the whole folder instead of a selection ensure that you use a link that does not have a “-openwith” parameter, like in the link, which is created as default by PL setup on the desktop.

Did you export XMPs out of PhotoMechanic to the same directory like the raws? I think, it is the only supported way to exchange raw metadata.

Stars should work, they are displayed in a different color (yellow I mean), to show that this is an externally read rating.

Labels I don’t know exactly. What I know is that labels are language dependent and can be user defined. What is saved is a string like “red”, “rot”, “rouge”, “idontknow”. The target software must then map this strings to colors, which is often not possible without user feedback.

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Thank you for your reply…Don’t know what changes I made but I can’t duplicate my first problem which was opening the whole folder in DXO vice the selected photos.

Now, when I select a group of photos and use the option “edit selected photos with” command in PhotoMechanic DXO only opens 1 photo.

I selected the option in PhotoMechanic that directs the program to do the following when writing xmp/iptc files

  • Allow raw files to be modified
  • Add embedded metadata xmp and iptc
  • Always create or update xmp sidecar files

So, when PM sends the files to DXO to edit I am assuming it is creating and updating sidecar files.

I will also ask for clarification on the PM forum today.

Thanks for the input.